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Monday, February 17, 2014

An Excerpt From The "Motel" Chapter of "From Gigolo to Jesus"

      She came into the hotel still looking pretty good, but you could see the wear and tear of drug use on her face. We reconnected and off and on she would come in at different times with different men she was prostituting with. She’d come down to the front desk and I would talk to her. Sometimes put her in another room and we’d do what we do and she’d go on about her business because she made her ten or fifteen dollars. I remember her coming in one night, though, looking horrible. She had lost so much weight I almost didn't recognize her. She didn't look healthy. Her skin did not look good. She was no longer the attractive women I met as a teenager. She almost looked like a monster. She had an odor the way a homeless person smells when they haven’t washed for a while. In New York, we called them crack fiends because they just looked like shells of themselves. 

She came in to the motel because she wanted to get into something. I told her no. I didn't want to have anything to do with her. She said to me, “Keith I really need a room to lay my head down.” I thought no, because if I let her lay down in a room, I wouldn't have been able to get her out when my replacement came in and I was going to have a problem. “No, Lou, I can’t let you have a room.” She begged and begged then she left. She came back about five minutes later. “Please, I have nowhere to go.”

      Even among all the evil that I had done, in my heart, I still had a soft place for people in need. I shook my head, and I remember telling her, “You know I’m going to get in a lot of trouble messing with you. You’re going to get me fired, but okay here”, and I gave her a key to an outside room in the back of the motel. “You have to be out of the room by six-thirty.” It was about four-thirty in the morning, and the next shift was coming in at eight. By telling her to leave by 6:30 that gave me time extra time to work with. Evelyn went toward the back rooms and I went back to work.     

      I totally lost track of the time and before I knew it it was a quarter to seven and the next shift was scheduled to come in at eight. All I thought was how I was going to get this crack head out of the room and not lose my job. When I went to the room I was angry to see the door was open because I would always tell anyone I gave an outside room to not leave the doors open. I didn't want homeless people or worse, crack heads, coming into the room stealing things. I walked in and the room was perfectly clean. Not used, not touched in any way as if no one had ever been in it. The key was lying in the middle of the bed. I didn't think twice about it. I picked the key up, looked around the room to make sure everything was in order, closed the door, and left everything in good condition for the next shift. 

      It wasn't until 1993 that I learned what happened to Evelyn and the motel room. I was walking around Green Acres Mall with my first wife, my son, and mother-in-law. I was lagging behind enthusiastically when I happened to see a nicely shaped rear-end. I wanted to get a better look at it because I believe that is the way a sister’s behind is supposed to look like. I told my wife and mother-in-law, “Go ahead, I’ll catch up. I want to check something out over here.” I made sure they walked far enough ahead and I double backed to look at, what I thought was, the most perfectly ample backside. As I’m getting closer I see short hair and beautiful cocoa complexion on an Amazon.  

      Of course, now, I wanted to see what she looked like. When the woman turned around I stopped dead in my tracks. My mouth dropped open and I was in shock. It was Evelyn. I couldn't believe what I saw. At the same time Evelyn looked up to see me staring at her. She dropped everything and ran over to me like an Olympic athlete and pretty much tackled me. With that full body of hers she almost knocked me over. She squeezed me and gave me the biggest kiss as if we’re dating. The biggest tears start to trickle down her face and she said to me, 
“You saved my life.” 

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