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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Church was great this past Sunday. The Holy Spirit spoke to my wife and I at the same time.

In church, this past Sunday, I thought it was going to be like the others. We would sing, hear a good word and then head home. Afterwards, considering how I could figure how what I learned so it could shared with others. I enjoy church on Sundays' because I work hard on considering how I can go out into the world and offer a strong word to those who need help.

This Sunday the wife and I knew there was going to be a guest speaker since we had the pleasure of hearing him speak Friday night, Valentine's Day, at the couples dinner held at the church. His name was, Dr. Rich Melhelm The author of "Holding Your Family Together". He gave a tremendous talk on how he met his wife. And, how the Lord blessed them with children after they thought it was impossible. This story hit home with Tiffany and I since we too, had waited seven years to receive the news of a blessing from the Lord. Since losing a child seven years ago it has been something prayed for waited on each day. 

Dr. Melhelm took the stage Sunday morning and his message was extremely poignant. When he mentioned he had three major disappointments in his life, and how each set back was a positive door opener. He realized there was no way for him to know the Lord had positioned him in line for something greater then at the time. With each example, he offered how the Lord was working leading his life. Many who may not understand the Christian way of life, may not understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the believer. Dr. Melhelm was speaking of his life but the Lord was speaking through the Holy Spirit into the lives of each person listening in the church. Tiff and I were no different and we clung to every word.

After Dr. Melhelm spoke the choir began to sing. I stood with the rest of the congregation singing along. My thoughts began to float back to my most recent set back. Traveling back to July, 3rd, 2013, I recalled how it felt when I lost my grandmother to cancer. She had been in the hospital since February. I knew she was going to pass but hearing she was actually gone hit like a truck. I felt like I had lost a part of my soul, in actuality I did. There was no way at that moment you could have convinced me this was going to turn into something great in service to the Lord. Well the Lord started to make His move in my life.

On July 5th, two days after the passing. Tiff and I learned we were with child. Our dreams had been answered. But why now? Why would the Lord present us with this information after taking my grandmother? A week and half later at the funereal, I had to stand and speak with my grandmother laying only feet away. This is the norm for all wakes and funerals, however this had special meaning to me. My whole life my grandmother had explained I would become a child of God regardless of what I did or where I went. She said often "You can run from what God has made you. You are going to preach someday. My funereal might be the start but it's going to happen. I made this deal with the Lord when you were in your mother's womb." Hearing this for over forty years I had learn to place my thoughts elsewhere when talking to my grandmother about death. Who really wants to entertain that thought. Yet here I was speaking to family, friends and associates about who my grandmother was to me.

As a life changing moment as my grandmother's death was, there was no way you could have sold me on it work out for some greater Godly purpose, like Dr. Melhelm spoke about Sunday. A little over a month later in August, I came to Church of the Rock in Brooklyn. I met with the pastor and explained my need to have church home and to get baptized. I was welcomed in with opened arms and later on in November was immersed into the water and was baptized in the name of the Lord.

This is why, once the singing began, it caused me to think, my grandmother's death was needed for me to push myself forward to being a better man for service in the Christian faith. Standing there whipping the tears away because, I am growing a stronger understanding of who I am as man of God. All because of what my grandmother instilled in me, knowing at some point the Lord would complete my spiritual maturity. This was further proven by when I turned to my wife to see she was in tears also. Her tears were for her recent losses and how they have moved her into position to become a mother and wife who's happy and content. 

The Lord was speaking to both of us and I have to say it was emotionally moving. Grandmother I miss you, but I am so happy those seeds of Faith were tucked away over the years.

My grandmother and little sister. 

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