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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sisters, I am Sorry!

Up late on guard,,, Listening out for Kayelle, watching the wife sleep (she's getting some well needed rest), about to wash the dishes and clean out the bottles to have them on deck for the morning.

I asked the Lord for clarity and with the birth of Kayelle I got it,,, Brothers, we have to find a way to do better towards our sisters. We have to find a way to protect them, care for them and uplift them through Love and Respect. Watching Tiff trying to move around after the delivery surgery, seeing what's needed to get Kayelle calm when she's hungry or just cranky, dealing with her bodily changes to be ready to nurse. It made me wonder deeply about the sisters who have no help. Thinking about the younger sisters doing all by themselves.
Part of what I do in working with young men and older men, is helping them transform into better well rounded men. Finding the real men insider themselves, that mission is deeper now. We have to fix this problem. Its nothing new, but I am going to do more where I can.
When Tiff and I created the Making Marriage Cool Again movement it was to change this very situation I am speaking on. I made a promise to myself and I am going to keep it >>>>The Making Marriage Cool Again Handbook , which will be designed to go along with the seminar will be completed by July 1. I am going to have it with me when I travel this summer. I am going to save some lives and relationships where I can. These are too precious of moments to be spent alone.
Ladies I can only say I'm sorry for my brothers' actions. I know its not much. I was one of them for a long time. But, I'll do what I can to fix this and to help. I know it may seem impossible but my God is powerful God. I'll lean on him to help me get the brothers to see the whole picture. If the Lord can save and fix a trifling man like the man I was, He can do the same for the brothers out here who act as if they don't care about you are their ladies or their children.

If there are brothers out there who you think need my help please direct them to me,,, Or have them read my book "From Gigolo to Jesus" to understand my own transformation. To get a signed copy or to contact me stop by 

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