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Monday, April 21, 2014

The message I got in church today during Easter service.

When I am in church listening to the word, I get the urge to write down what I am feeling...
Scripture to meditate on Luke 24.

Here is today's word I was blessed with.

People are going to pull you towards them to remain safe in the place they're at. Folks who embrace sin know its wrong but don't want to be alone. This is also their way of testing your resolve in the faith you claim. They figure if you're willing to sin with them your God can't be as strong as you say.

Your focus has to be one of openness along with a firm strength. Sin in any form can engulf any and everyone who gives into it. Once you get pass this place with people many will start to release their grip on the sin which they clung to and begin to search out the peace you've displayed through your faith. People love peace, comfort and safety, by holding on to your faith in the face of sinful situations, you'll be the catalyst for true transformation for those who want it.

As Christians we have to lead the people who turn towards us to Jesus. They have to learn the peace you're displaying comes from knowing Jesus as your savior. This is a daily struggle but one which pays off for all who turn away from sin, give in to Jesus, and truly become transformed. The ending is ever lasting life with God Himself in Heaven. Where where we we'll all be given everlasting peace.

This may not seem like a new message for some, however no man is immune to sin and if we are going to help others free themselves from sinful situations we have to be willing to meet them where they are which means we risk being in proximity to sin. It is my hope to continue to work on my person walk of faith to be an example to others of the peace of mind the Lord grants.

Here are the things I am working on daily to get me closer to the Lord.

  • Fellowship more with others in the faith. 
  • Commit more time to understanding who God is. 
  • Release those things which are holding me back from the Lord. 
  • Study more about Jesus's life. 
  • Pray More and Meditate More listening for the Holy Spirit to speak to me. 
  • Do more to increase the health of my body. 
  • Sleep more while praying every time I lay down to sleep. 
  • Witness more to others who don't know Jesus.
  • Write more daily and make sure I am writing more then I am on Facebook or other social networks.

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