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Sunday, May 18, 2014

From Gigolo to Jesus Seminar, Brooklyn New York, May 17, 2014

Yesterday I had a chance to speak for the "Women Living More Abundantly"  women's group. They invited me to speak back in February, but it snowed. Then we rescheduled for March, Kayelle was born.
So yesterday we finally got a chance to meet. 

I have one rule when speaking anywhere. "No matter who shows up, work as hard as if you were speaking to thousands." Its what I feel
the Lord requires from us who are speaking about Him in any way.  

The theme was helping women with their relationship. 

I covered the following three areas. 
1. How can you control the type of relationship you want to be in. 
2. Being the reflection of the partner you want. 
3. The role "faith" plays in all of it. 

Here is the video,, Please share it with anyone you think need to hear it. God Bless

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