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Friday, July 4, 2014

Just a few of the books which have changed my life.

As an author we all bring our experiences to the table when we write.
Over the years there have books which have changed my life and lead me to where I am as writer and author. 

- 1st Reading "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" at 21 changed my life and gave my life meaning and understanding as young man lost with no male role model. This book was timely since I had recently found out I was now the father of a 4 month old daughter. 1989

"Never Satisfied" & "Men Cry In The Dark" caused me to say to myself. If people like theses book I know I can write a better book. Of course that means I didn't like, nor agree with his take with either of the books.  I was already writing poetry and erotic stories and preparing a book to feature all of it. I was now more determined. 1999 
- Brother Michael Basiden's two books

"The Bible" became the book of all books which would move me closer to the Lord. After creating a book worth of sexually based poems and stories my life came to a personal and professional crossroad.  This allowed me to turn away from the fleshly focused man I was at that point to becoming a man of God. My life changed and I started reading and trusting the Word . 2006

"A Man In Transition"  published by Bravin Publishing My wife was inspirational in convincing me to write and publish my first book. She asked me to open up and allow the world to read the poetry I only showed her. This was my introduction to the literary arena. 2008

"The Soul of Man" showed me I had a future as a writer. Elissa Gabrielle took a chance and added me to an incredible line up of talented published authors. We heeded the call and came together to write an anthology which became a award winner (2009 Anthology Of the Year) I used a story which was originally erotic fiction, but I turned the theme into one which would honor the Lord. It worked, I was blessed to play a role in this outstanding book. 2009

"The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me" by Jovan Roseboro published by Bravin Publishing was Bravin Publishing's first contracted author. When we created our company we weren't sure if authors would use our services. Jovan Roseboro stepped up and asked us to work with him. We recreated his book which he was originally published with a different publisher. The outcome was positive for both of us. Brother Roseboro has been the anchor to what has been a continuous run with currently 16 books completed since we finished his. This book will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank You brother Jovan for trusting us with your vision. 2010

"From Gigolo to Jesus" published by Bravin Publishing This book changed my life. Again I listened to my wife. She convinced me the world needs to know who I am. I sat and finished a manuscript I started in 2006 but placed it off to the side. Once I committed to completed this book my life went to a new level. I have seen my book help others and open doors I couldn't have dreamt of on my own. I thank the Lord for all he has done for others and myself through this book. 2011

There have been many other books which have shaped me as an educator, father, poet, mentor and such... These are just a few I wanted to signal out. My prayer is one day create enough books which change the lives of others the way these books have changed mine. 

If you want to order any of the Bravin Books listed including "The Soul of a Man" come by

God Bless. 

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