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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Coming this fall, "Luke Warm Saint" My latest novel.

Coming this Fall "Luke Warm Saint" by K. L. Belvin, A Christian Fiction Novella 

"What is a handsome educated man to do when he's torn between his love of the ladies and his feeling? Check out how I place my spin on a classic struggle between right and wrong. 

Luke Warm Saint, published by Bravin Publishing cover designed by Gregory Graphics

 Here is an excerpt from this griping story: 

 Yeah, but Ma, things are different now.”“What do you mean, different? Talk to me, son.”Kevin took a big swallow and decided to speak on what was bothering him.“James said something to me last night, and I have to admit it’s been eating at me.”“Okay. What happened?”“He said that he and I are the same and the life I’m living is just as sinful as the life he’s living and that can’t be true, right?” Kevin’s eyes faced the ground out of fear his mother was not going to say anything favorable. Kevin’s mother placed her soft but wrinkled hands on his face and lifted his chin up from his chest. As only a mother who loves her child could, she spoke frankly as she had his whole life.“What do you want, the good news first or the bad news?”“You know me. Give me the bad news.”“Well, son, James is right. You are living just as sinful as he is. You didn’t need me to tell you that. So please tell me what is really bothering you.”Kevin reluctantly asked, “So what is the good news?”

“Well, the good news, son, is you have some understanding of the Lord. James doesn’t, so he’s further lost than you are.”“All right, okay, help me out here. I mean, I read the Bible, and I go to church with you on Sundays, but I am not sure I understand what you are saying? If sin is sin, there is no difference, so there can’t be a good side.”Kevin’s mother smiled as she listened to her son. “What I’m saying is imagine both of you are drowning. James is in over his head, and you’re up to about your nose, so you are still getting a little air in. James is under the water and can’t see where he is. You still have a chance."

Kevin's mother voice was soft and passionate.Kevin nodded, more out of feeling the need to do something than from him fully understanding his mother.“Son,” his mother continued, “what’s happening now is your Holy Spirit is being tossed back and forth because of the relationships you have with your friends. The Bible is clear. It says to flee all sinful situations and here you have a friend who makes his living off sinful situations, which means every time you get together, his sinful nature is brought to your table. But you have your own problems.
You have become your grandfather, and so James, not realizing it, is speaking the truth.

Pre-order information will be released soon. The book is set for a fall / winter release. Place sign up here on the blog with your email, to get current updates about the book and all recent information about K. L. Belvin. 

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