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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pro Sports Are Suspect

Pro sports are so suspect, they'll take cats from the hood pay them millions, and act like the problems in the hood don't exist. The minute, the problems they never addressed shows themselves they blame the athletes for not knowing better. How long are brothers going to fall for this. Brothers take the millions and enrich yourself. If you think the cats paying you care your beyond dumb. So no excuses will be excepted if you return to hood because you gave it away being stupid.
In listening to the so-called outrage over domestic violence in sports because of Ray Rice and others are we to think this is new. Not at all. Definitely not rare in the communities baby of the athletes they employ come from. This is the criticpart that rubs me the wrong way. These organizations could care less what's happening on a regular basis but the minute sponsor money disappears this becomes a call of action about them trying to save the women who are being abused. Even thoughthis happens routinely in the communities most of their athletes come from.
Let TMZ or any other seedy journalistic organization get a story we're off and running.
Today's athlete has to be smarter and practice more discernment with how they carry themselves in and out of public view. They should use their millions and access to get help with the problems they suffer from so we can reduce the amount of violence against women and children in their homes or neighborhoods which do not make TMZ or any other news outlet.
As much as I hate it, the weight is on the athletes. When you sign for the money you sign for it all. Please don't expect us to shed tears for you if you gave it all away beating your wife or your child.

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