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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Had a ball tonight on "Can We Praise Him w. Trinisa Pitts" 10/15 by Survival Radio Christian Network | Self Help Podcasts

Check out my latest interview with Sister Trinisa Pitts. It was an honor to be on her show. A blessing.
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I must leave my comment because after the show I could not sleep and the next day I found myself in such a mind blowing decision of do I stay or do I go. WOW. The weight of a man living not under the spirit and a woman that knows what she wants but a man cannot get it together holds on her shoulders. I truly commend Tiffany for giving you the time to get yourself together and commend you as well for knowing what you want and allowing yourself that mental note to make the commitment to go after her. What a love story made from heaven now she is your wife, best friend, and business partner. I long to have that in my life. GOD BLESS . P.S. I HAVE TO HAVE YOU BACK ON THE SHOW IN 2015

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