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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lack of Support

Good morning, knee is feeling a little better. Pain not as bad..

Today's observation, not a new one:
I see so many men and women of color boldly making moves to be entrepreneurs. Taking there own money to invest in their talents. Only to be force to quit or return to work because of lack of support from those who look exactly like them.
I see the same thing with parents and others around Education. They act as if having multiple degrees makes for a negative situation. Yet we consistently call out for assistance or change in our failing neighborhoods.
This is sad, when we are so blind, fearful and hateful we don't lift up those we broke away from the norms and are offering change. I am really not sure we can change this. As a man who owns his on business and who has attempted to give (note I said give, with no charge) others a chance to make money with their own books or who has attempted to get folks to support thew books I've done only to be told no. But these same folks will line up around a corner for new Jays, I phones or the latest Chipotle, Its just sad when you can't count on those we look like you.

But alas Malcolm X said "Because you look like me don't make you my brother."

Chris Rock spoke on this mindset.. Please enjoy the video. ***Please excuse the language***

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