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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some Tips For My Brothers When Going To Family Court.

I was having a conversation with a friend on FB and I want to share this with the fellas who are going through family court to deal with their children's mothers. Please remember these things, if you need some help hit me up. 
I have held a position as a Life Coach helping men who were mandated by the courts for supervised family visits with their children. I worked with the social workers and courts first hand.  I personally have walked into family court 6 times and did well each time.  

1. The Courts don't you or your situation. All they know is who filed the papers and what they said they needed the courts assistance with.
2. How you act and dress in court goes a long way with the judge. Being polite and respectful is a must. Remember these judges see clowns who act an ass all day, everyday. Don't be one.
3. Please know what rights are allowed to you. Be prepared to ask qualifying questions to make sure you are clear on your next move. The judge will answer questions concerning the Law and your rights.
4. Don't speak or attempt to "grill" your child's mother in or out of the courtroom. It's about you and the judge. You are there to get this worked out for your children's sake.
5. Yes your going to have to pay, if you didn't work out the numbers with the mother before court you're going to have to deal with their calculations. In NY its 17.5% of your net gross for 1 child, 25% for 2, 30% for 3 or more. Don't complain about your bills to the judge. Ask what arrangements could be made if you can't make your payment.
6. Make Your Payments Regardless. This is about your children. Don't look at it as you're paying the mother. If your children are not getting what they need, you bring it up in court not to the mother.
7. You might have to trade 21 years for the next 60 plus with your children, stop stressing since you created the children with the mother/mothers. Do what you have to make sure you are there for your child/ren
8. Keep the Lord in your life to help control your anger and remember silence is a powerful weapon to a disrespectful mouth.

These are some things which have helped me with my life and court situations. If you haven't read "From Gigolo to Jesus" you can get an idea of the man I was in creating 6 children with 5 mothers before Tiff and Kayelle. 

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