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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunday's Panel Discussion.

The Brothers and I trying to offer insight on the problems we face as a community. 

While sitting on the panel last night I was made clear to me, we as people of color may have our issue with school, our communities, and with law enforcement. Things not be to the level they should be. However, if we take a strong look at just our God given gifts we'll find we already have all that's needed to repair our own. If you look at the history of our migration as a people, God has already given us the means to fix all that ails our people. We simply need to refocus, reconnect, reorganize, and reassemble as the children of Israel once did freed from bondage. The Lord doesn't lie, nor change. He's given us proof to this fact. History can repeat itself if we take Acton. If we trust the Lord and put our faith in Him how can we go wrong? We can fix the very problems we complain about.

First is has to be an understanding of the God gifted talents we each posses so each of us know what we're bringing to table. Can't have Bakers trying to be Builders. That is what I mean by the reorganization. Each has to play a role to the overall growth through their talents. Aligning with those who do the same, while we all stand under the same umbrella of community change. X and MLK are the model. Different personal, tactical, and spiritual beliefs but understood they needed to stand under same umbrella to change the future of our people.

That is part of the beauty I saw last night. The diverse talents and gifts the Creator has given us. The unique way we see things. We already have all we need to heal ourselves through the Creators gifts.

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