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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Helping others is what we do at Bravin Publishing.

In 2010 when I created Bravin Publishing, it was designed to help authors self published their work and get their books out to the world. The mission and vision has not changed. Over the years, my lovely wife Tiffany and I have done what we set out to do, which was to help others.

Here are a few videos over the years of folks we have tried to make happy. This is a small peek into what we do at Bravin Publishing.

This is author Dr Melinda Harper, "A Profit to Her Husband" You can purchase a copy of her book, we help create, at

Another author we worked with, who happens to be the 1st author to sign with Bravin was Jovan Roseboro who we had the pleasure of interviewing in North Carolina. His book "The Only One That Can Stop Me Is Me" is available on the Bravin Publishing website.

But not everything we do is for profit. Often we want to help those who have been supporters of ours. In this video we wanted to surprise Aja Stubbs, CEO of Belle-Noire Magazine. Which has feature us together and my wife on different occasions. We wanted to show her what her online magazine would look like in print form. Her reaction is priceless. She has been a supported and friend to us from the beginning.

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