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Friday, March 13, 2015

WOW, I really fell behind on my blogging.

Good evening guys,,,I know I haven't been here like I should. Especially when I call myself an author an poet.

Here it is 4 days from my baby girls 1st birthday. I am super excited. I didn't get the chance to do this with my other two daughters. That is going to be a whole other blog by itself. You can get a better understanding from my book "From Gigolo to Jesus" 

With taking care of my daughter, teaching full time, working on new clients books, and trying to finish my own ("Luke Warm Saint" is almost complete") I have slipped up on getting over here and blogging about life itself.
I have read so many sites and watched a bunch of YouTube videos which swear they have the answers to keeping the attention of folks and driving readers to come by here,,, like I am selling crack and you're the out of control crack head who needs a hit of what I am writing. LOL Naw,,, I write when its in me. When my heart moves me to have something to place on the page.

I think I blog so infrequently because my thoughts are often all over the place. It's one of the pains of having ADD, not ADHD, but actual ADD. I look it at as a gift more than a curse. However, because of it, I tend to be all over the place and have to rope myself in to get focused when its time to complete tasks.

So with all that said, I am going to bring you up to speed on what I have been doing and what I am hoping to get done relatively soon.

  • Through Bravin Publishing, Tiff and I, have created book #16 for author Dr. Melinda Harper. Her book entitled "A Profit for Her Husband" is a guide for married and single women. We are excited to see where Dr. Harper takes her new book. The sky is the limit. 
  • Tiff and I have been bowling well. But Tiff has been on fire since returning from having Kayelle. Its great to see how tough she has become on the lanes. Plus she is making money doing so. 
  • I am close to completing my third book, "Luke Warm Saint" my first novella. My first extended attempt at writing fiction. Most of my literary works of fiction have been 3 to 5K words, so 30K plus is a step in a new direction for me. 
  • I am teaching a new health curriculum in school. I was one of 15 teachers picked to teach this new curriculum in the city of New York. It was an honor to work with the NYC Health and Wellness Dept. and the CDC
Now the things I have to get to, by force or whatever, it needs to be done. 
  • I have to get focused on working out. My workouts have  be erratic to say the least. I have trainer friends and I have been avoiding asking for their help. I am not really sure why. I am working on dealing with those emotions. My weight loss has be affected also. 
  • My diet has to change and be more consistent. Speaks for itself. 
  • I have to commit to get the other books out of my head. I currently have 7  books in head which need to be written. There are two others fighting for space in my head as I type. I told you I had ADD, it's what allows me to hold all these thoughts at bay. 
  • I have to network more. I have to attend more events and show my face more often. I have to learn to play the "schmoozing" game better. Even though I hate sitting and smiling just to do business. I simply want to get right to the business without all the fakeness and game play. Either we are or we're not. LOL Yes I know "Patients is a virtue & The Game is the Game" 
  • I have to go ahead and start school and get started on this second Masters degree. I want to switch careers and I am hesitant about returning to school. At 47 much of my time is behind me. However my dreams require I return to school. 
  • Finally, I have to commit myself more to being the vessel of light the Lord made me to be. I have to share and teach more about the Lord. I have to open up my soul and allow others to see the God in me. I have to allow them to see the Holy Spirit the Lord has given me which allows me to work well with others. I have to become a better representative of the Lord and Jesus Christ. 
Oh Well, I never intended this blog to get to this length. But, as I said I write what's on my heart and I have much on my heart and mind. I am going to try to make it over here once a week to discuss where I am at with the things I am working on and what I see in the world. 
If you catch me slipping me, hit me on FB, Twitter, or Google Plus and give me the boot to the booty by saying "Hey K. L., what happened to you writing on your blog? Have you completed the books you were working on? Why are you playing games, get to work dude." Trust me I need that from time to time. 

If you've made to this point, I am more than impressed, I am honored. Please share this page, this blog, or anything I do with others. I pray you continued success in anything you're trying to accomplish. 

Take Care and God Bless

K. L. Belvin 

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