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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lukewarm Saint, Coming on Black Friday.

Completing my third book came with some apprehension. I wondered if I could actually write a full non fiction story for publishing? Could I step out of my comfort zone to get my thoughts down on paper? So I sat at my computer with one goal, "K. L." get your story down the way you see it. 53K words later I stepped back from my PC and thought to myself, "I'm Done, This is the book I want to let the world read." But, before I reached that finish line, there was still fear coursing through me. I thought how are readers going to take a novice fictional writer? Can I hold the readers attention?

That fear actually delayed the completion of the book. I didn't work as hard as could to finish since I had personal doubts. This was not my area or expertise. After praying on it and listening to those I trust I knew I had to complete Lukewarm Saint and stand on my talents. This is where having great professionals to use as a sounding board you learn to close your eyes and let the chips fall where hey may. 

Lukewarm Saint is book #1 of a series I am considering writing. However, I thought if I never write anything else, I want this book to stand on its own. So as I away for the final edits to be done and I am actively promoting my book to the market I choose my fears are not as loud as they once were. y official release date is Nov, 27, 2015 "Black Friday" I decided to promote the book to Faith Based, Church Goers, and Folks who want to read without out the violence or profanity. 

So I decided to allow a few folks who I know and trust preliminary access to the book. I knew they would be honest with me in their response. Here are the two reviews of my new book. 

"I was given the privilege of reading an advance copy of Lukewarm Saint. Author KL Belvin has developed characters that the readers can relate to. He tackles topics that many people sweep under the rug. The reader's attention is engaged from the very beginning of the book. 
Great job KL. You have written a winner." Tammy Harris

"I've had the pleasure of reading many books including KL's prior two semi biographical works... but this book... well I've learned why only God can take what the devil meant for evil, only He can find a way to use it for good... I read this Lukewarm Saint like I was feasting on my first meal after a fast and yes it was that good! Readers, Believers, or Non Believers if you start this book you will read the whole thing and want more...
The title may say Lukewarm but this book is Hot!!!" Lisas Abowler

Lukewarm Saint is currently available for pre-order on my Bravin Publishing website for 12.99 A savings of $3 off the retail price. The official release date is 11/27/2015 Black Friday please share with friends and family. 

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