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Friday, January 29, 2016

Bravin Publishing Author in the Schomburg Center of Harlem

I am super excited,,,, Just heard from the Schomburg Center of Harlem. They are interested in archiving the books of a Bravin Publishing 2x author, Willie Copper. He created both of his historical books with us. This will be such an honor for him and his family. It will also proves Tiffany Braxton Belvin and I are doing things the right way.
The idea we published something which may become a part of the history of African Americans of the US is mind blowing.
All glory goes to the Lord.


We had the pleasure of publishing both books for Willie Cooper and assisting him with become a self sufficient author who takes care of his books on his own. We are proud of Willies growth and love the idea of know we went from words on a page to 2 books and a author in business for himself. As a literary service provider it is out mission to see authors achieve their breams. 
"Writing From The Heart, The Way is Should Be."

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