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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here's an excerpt from "Lukewarm Saint" Order your copy today.

Back to promoting the book... Here's an excerpt from "Lukewarm Saint" enjoy...

LUKEWARM SAINT by K. L. Belvin, Insprational Fiction
“Say what you want, a mother knows better. A mother knows her son. I know you’re not happy, boy, I can feel it in my spirit.”
Kevin’s plan to sweet talk his mother never got off the ground. Each time he wanted to change the subject, she bore down on him even harder. She loved her son, but it was her fear that kept her talking.
“Ma, listen to me. I don’t want to continue this. I read the Word. I understand the Word. I just had this conversation with Richard.” Kevin’s voice grew louder. “I know what the Lord wants from me. Well, actually, I take that back. I don’t know what the Lord wants from me, so I’m just living my life until the Lord decides to let me know where He wants me to go. Sometimes, I wish Richard had never gotten saved. I just think my life would be so much better if he wasn’t in the damn church!”
“Boy, you watch your mouth! You better be careful what you ask for! If Richard was not in church, who would lead you back to Christ?”
Kevin softened his tone. “Mom, I am sorry for yelling. Please forgive me,”
“It’s OK, boy, it’s just the devil trying to hold his place in your life. What he doesn’t know is you’re going to be a preacher. I don’t care what you think or feel about it, you are going to preach the word. It might be over my funeral, but you will preach soon. I claimed it, and I know the Lord has heard my wishes.”
Knowing his mother would go on for what seems like forever, like she had in the past, Kevin knew it was time to end this call. “Ma, please stop. You keep talking about this preacher thing. First of all, nobody wants me to be their preacher, all right? Nobody would believe me if I was to stand there and preach.” Kevin truly believed what he was saying to his mother. He truly didn’t believe preaching was something he would do.
“My son, you are so lost sometimes. You’re an educator, but it scares me with what you don’t know. Child, you said you read the Bible, right?”
“Yeah, Mom, I do.”
“OK, so do you understand that some of the nastiest and negative guys in this world were the guys the Lord used to get out his message to everyone?” Kevin didn’t study the Bible like his mother who lived her life by its words. She had grown to trust the Lord with everything. She gave her son over to the Lord years ago, and felt it was her duty to keep him on track so the Lord could use him when the time was right.
“Like who, Ma? Who did the Lord use that even came close to what I do in my life?”
He could feel his mother’s smile over the phone. He knew she had one this time; her plan to get him into a conversation about God had worked.
“Well first look at David. King David was on top of the world but wanted some tail from another man’s wife and so he lay with her. Now tell me that’s not the same as what you’re out here doing.”
When Kevin didn’t respond, she continued. “David told lies, lay with another man’s wife, and got her pregnant. He then had her husband killed when he couldn’t trick him to go home to sleep with her to cover the fact he had already slept with her. God didn’t kill him but he paid for it with his own children’s lives. Son, the Lord blessed him, but the sins still had to be paid for.”
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