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Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Is Poetry month,,, "Life Shouldn't Be This Hard"

April Is Poetry month,,, Folks tend to forget my first book was one of poetry when many said don't do it... Hmmmmm I don't always do what I am told. This piece, "Life Should Be This Hard" is found in the poetic anthology we produced "Word Play 1: Words are our Canvas. A book which has so much promise,,, One of these years folks are going to go back and say OMG that was a great book. Well I am right there with the other 10 poets offering the world our poetic vision. We went on to do book #2 "Word Play 2: The Foundation of Soul" another book history will prove me right when I say this was another great book. I stopped after book 2 but I did have plans for book 3 "Word Play 3: Taking Back What the Devil Stole" 
Who knows maybe someday I'll restart this series. 
But until then enjoy my work... 

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