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Friday, April 15, 2016

Be Aware of Dream Thieves

What many people miss in this scene is the father started projecting his flaws with basketball onto the child. Seeing his son’s disappointment he cleaned it up. He reminded his son to protect his dreams from Dream Stealers, even if the thief was him.
Be careful, the dream thieves in your life may be the very people who are entrusted with love you. Protect and fight for your dreams. Another person's flaws are not yours since God gave you your own set of skills which are uniquely designed for your success. Often we have to win over others who fall short in their thoughts by proving we can do what we dreamt of. If we can't covince them, then cut them lose from the path of your dream or risk failing before even get started.
Remember everything we watch has a deeper meaning. I hope this helps someone. This is why the changes I made meant cutting lose those I loved first who didn't have my dream at heart. They were the greatest dream killers.

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