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Friday, January 20, 2017

Stop Complaining About Trump, When We Don't Do For Each Other.

Oh could we use a thinker and speaker of this magnitude. Rest In Peace Brother Shabazz 

How many of these hearings are we going to watch before we realize the government was never the answer to the problems we face as people of color. When the real answers have been in the mirror everyday. 

Many brothers and sister in our past and present have shown what's possible when folks pool their brain power and resources They've overcame incredible odds and racism too boot. 
We're so scared to place a dollar in our brother or sister's hand that we make ourselves feel better giving our money to people with a history of assisted genocide directly and indirectly (yes, by saying nothing but raking in the benefits is indirect assistance to genocide).

Yet we worry about the president who's leaving and one who's coming in and the body count of innocent people of color keeps mounting.

We need to worry as much about the survival of self owned businesses, self published authors, independent entertainers, and cultural based schools (very few) who are operated by those who look like us and who many of you choose not to support for the weakest reasons.
We on here worried about Trump taking office and crying over Obama leaving when both are paid for life with our tax money while our situations are growing worse. (Yes I said it, things didn't get better over the last 8 years they grew worse for people of color. Check the murder rates!!!!)

Man let me get back to my school work and writing these books. I have books to create so more folks can once again pat me on the back for writing and publishing them myself, while not offering to purchase or support the business or the books.

I guess Trump caused that too. Bravin Publishing est. 2010. Hmmmmmm?????

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