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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Had to Get My Pen Out For Black History Month!.

Black History Month Never!
If the apprehension, attempted destruction, and lack of historical remorse or assistance of people of color doesn't move you emotionally or spiritually there is nothing we can create together. To rock with me, you must see my people in our entirety if true change is to happen.
I am a decendant of brutalized people, many including some of my own, want us to forget what was done with no oppisition. Its my choice not too hate but forgetting isn't an option.
Black history month could never be 1 month when my mirror works daily. You want to help and build with me, see All of Me first.
From those painful ashes was born A Son, A Husband, A Father, A Multiple College Degree Holder. A Tax Paying Citizen, A Business Owner, A Published Author, and A Man strong enough not to hate but who looks to create and build a world full of opportunities and Love which were stolen from my ancestors.
Black History Month, Never!!!! By Keith L. Belvin
"Please don't steal my words without giving me credit. For then you become better than those discussed in this post."

True love and respect for a person is to care about and embrace them despite their choices. You can love someone and disagree with them. If you can't it might be time to check your maturity level. Love the person not their actions. 
Keith L. Belvin.

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